Combination Aquariums



There are many sustainable combinations when the right choices are made eg. Planted Aquariums with predators, jumbo, Discus, African cichlids, Goldfish, Australian, African, Asian, American native, Amazonian, breeding etc.


Turtle tanks made to suit your requirements and those of your turtle/s. Turtles are messy eaters have been linked to disease in Humans eg Salmonella. To minimise this risk very efficient filtration and maintenance regimes must be implemented.

Coral Reef Aquariums

The coral reef aquarium is the Holy Grail of saltwater aquarium culture the hardest, most time consuming, expensive, but rewarding when done right. So you saw “Nemo” and now you want Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Coral, Gill, Jacques, Floe and May. For Bruce, Maka and Chum see “Shark Aquarium”

Species Aquariums

This style is for those wishing to keep a particular species above all others or a particular sea, country or region eg Sea Horse, Red Sea, Caribbean, Hawaiian, Great Barrier Reef etc. for breeding or to ensure the best conditions possible for the chosen species.

Refugium Aquariums

Usually attached to a “Coral Reef Aquarium” or “Species Aquarium” these tanks provide a “refuge” for plankton micro and macro, phyto and zoo. These animal and vegetable factories provide these animals and plants as food for fish, corals and other invertebrates. Invaluable for coral reef Aquariums and Seahorse Aquariums as these aquariums are usually unsustainable stripped by the aquarium inhabitants of these vital life forms.

Seahorse Aquariums

Often very challenging seahorses and pipefish often get out competed for food and scared into hiding by overly boisterous tank mates. Clumsy, slow moving and easily swept away by conventional filtration these guys need specialist care.

Shark Aquariums

All sharks grow large and are all too often kept in unsuitable conditions. All require more space than most people can provide. Over the years many have tried to keep “small” sharks in small aquariums this leads to unnecessary stress and untimely death. All sharks are expensive due to transportation and handling issues and most are suited to life in the sea not the confines of an aquarium. With very large “custom aquarium systems” it is possible to keep a few of the smaller growing less active species.

Combination Aquariums

Predator/coral reef aquarium, seahorses and/or pipefish coral reef aquarium all with or without refugium.

Koi Ponds

These are monsters some capable of living over 100 years and growing to 1 meter or more. Koi require highly efficient filters and larger than average ponds. Fortunately now day’s great filters are now available in Australia making Koi ponds easy to maintain and a pleasure to look at. All ponds should be crystal clear regardless of position; full sun is not a problem with today’s modern filtration techniques.

Goldfish Ponds

The smaller cousin to Koi, Goldfish provide a solution for smaller ponds requiring less space to make them content. The filtration is much the same as a Koi pond however smaller filtration units are usually sufficient. As with Koi ponds all ponds should be crystal clear regardless of position; full sun is not a problem with today’s modern filtration techniques.

Water Gardens

Water gardens have been synonymous with waterlilies for centuries Monet’s garden and various Palaces in Europe and Asia however in more recent times many great water garden plants have become available in Australia. Water Gardens can in some situations get away without a filtration system however to guarantee clarity a filter must be used.

Water Features

When utilising top quality pumps and lighting water features of any size bring movement and sound into gardens, foyers, homes and offices

Turtle Ponds

Turtle ponds need not be pea green algae swamps, with efficient filtration and regular maintenance your turtle can live in crystal clear water. You will have the opportunity to see your turtle and the water will remain clear regardless of sunlight.

Combination Ponds

With careful selection and placement water plants can be accommodated with Goldfish and Koi. This allows more appealing aesthetics and even improved water quality though nutrient uptake by the plants selected.