Aquascape I & M can supply and install individual pieces of equipment or the entire “custom aquarium system” and Ponds. 

Aquascape I & M is often called upon to install equipment purchased elsewhere, due to limited information provided at purchase, lack of consumer confidence or knowledge.  All too often clientele have been sold a “complete set up” which is in fact incomplete or inadequately sized for their requirements in an effort to make the sale. For example, undersized cooling systems for Reef Tanks which subsequently fail in extreme weather or low wattage UV-clarifiers or sterilisers on ponds or aquariums which fail to clarify (facilitate crystal clear water in the summer sun) or adequately control disease (e.g. white spot) outbreaks in crowded aquarium conditions. Which is where “custom aquarium systems” and "on-site" consultations come into their own. 

The old adage of "A picture is worth a thousand words" could not be truer than in this situation. Aquascape I & M can bring a world of knowledge and experience to the consultation and can possibly see benefits and/or hazards that an untrained eye might just overlook or a conversation doesn't convey.